20111023-134726.jpgHomemade panini sandwiches for lunch today! WOW it was really good. I added white bread, Virginia ham, honey smoked turkey, steakhouse seasoned bacon, garlic cheese, tomato, and chipotle ranch. It only took a few minutes and was super yummy. If you are in a lunch rut this would be a great way to dress up a sandwich.


Honey Rolls


These two words just make my mouth water. I made these yesterday changing the recipe just a little. I added extra honey in the baking time about 1.5 tbsp more than was stated in the recipe. They were pretty good. I would follow the original recipe for timing. But I was trying to get them done at the same time as the rest of our meal. Which is something I have not mastered yet (after 9 years of cooking). Something is always ready a long time before something else. So these sat on the counter to rise longer than they were supposed to.

20111023-122822.jpg I hope you take some time today to make something homemade!

Homemade apple sauce



Today I made apple sauce in the crockpot! This is probably going to be weird to many but this is one of those items I didn’t know you could make from home. I feel silly even saying it but I don’t think I have ever had homemade apple sauce….. Well until today.
I peeled then chopped up 5 ( I think) apples and a pear, put them in a crockpot and added a cup of water and sprinkled it heavily with cinnamon. I turned it on I think low ( the knob on my crock pot is broken) for about 3-4 hours and then took a little of the liquid out but I think you could leave it in. And mashed it up. As I write this it is cooling waiting to go in the fridge and we will have it with lunch tomorrow 🙂
I must say even though I tasted it warm it was pretty good. I was skeptical to not put sweetener in but I am glad I didn’t it is sweet enough without. And that is saying a lot considering how much I enjoy sweet stuff.
So if you have extra apples that are close to going bad or would just love some homemade apple sauce give it a try! And if you do let me know what you think!