15 minute De-Clutter

Today for my 15 minute De-Clutter challenge I worked on the master bathroom cabinet. I am posting a before picture, Caution it is bad lol, But It looks much better now.



I set my mind and my timer to 15 minutes, and dug in and emptied out the cabinet.  While taking everything out I put some things in the trash, organized others and started setting aside some things for a garage sale.

During- All emptyed out!

After I had everything emptied and sorted, I started organizing the things I wanted to keep and put them back in. I am happy with the results, I and excited to see what I can get done tomorrow.


Are you joining me in the 15 minute De-Clutter Challenge? If  so leave a comment and let me know how it is coming!

One thought on “15 minute De-Clutter

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