My Weekly Goals

I have been reading Money Saving Mom’s blog for quiet some time and I am encouraged by her blog to set some goals.  So I am starting this huge task of making weekly goals. I am hoping to finish all of them but of course would be thrilled if I got at least half lol.

Family/ Mothering

1. Get 2-3 % of school done For Caleb and Kathryn

2. Listen to an audio book every day

3. Spend 5 minutes everyday teaching Gabriel the alphabet


4. Finish reading The Referral Engine

5. Drink 8 cups of water a day

6. Start reading A Deeper Kind of Calm

Home Management

7. Bake Chocolate Banana Bread

8. 15 Minute DeClutter in a different room everyday

9. Make a menu

10. Start making The Squidge Cloth – dish cloth

One thought on “My Weekly Goals

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