Chocolate Banana Bread

This week one of my goals was to make Chocolate Banana Bread. I saw the recipe on Money Saving Mom and was looking forward to trying it.

My daughter and I worked on it this morning after Breakfast. It was super simple to make and Kathryn loved scooping and stirring..  If you are looking for a yummy chocolate and banana bread I would have to say this one is awesome. I had half a piece and it was perfect. It is also great with a little salted butter on it 🙂

In the picture you will notice little white pieces, I did not mash the banana up all the way and I think it gives a nice added texture to it.

I must not also because YES it was That good… When you put Strawberries with a homemade strawberry sauce and homemade whipped cream on top of this chocolate banana bread it is TOTALLY AWESOME lol.  Yes as I said it was that good, you should try it.

One thought on “Chocolate Banana Bread

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