MMMhhhmmmmm Mini Pies

While at Barnes and Noble tonight I came across Mini Pies by Sara Lewis and it is a really cute book.  There are strawberry, cherry, chocolate pecan, lemon cream, and all others kinds of small, bright, flavorful pies. After looking at this I am inspired to bake and try my hand at mini pies. These scrumptious looking pies are made in mini muffin tins and pack a huge amount of yummy goodness.

I think my favorite looking ones were the chocolate pecan and the cute strawberry pie with the hearts cut out in the top crust. The recipes and directions were simple, and clear and I look forward to trying to make one of these.

2 thoughts on “MMMhhhmmmmm Mini Pies

  1. Try them! I have this book and it’s great. Naturally, I mainly choose sweet, but I’m not afraid to go out and try some crazy savoury flavour either. Nice to read and easy to follow instructions.

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