Failure and Success

Tonight for dinner I made a Pepperoni Pizza using leftover Bolognase Sauce from earlier this week. I substituted Honey for the sugar in the Dough Recipe and assembled it on my pizza stone instead of trying to figure out how to move it once assembled. The End result? Well it was ok I guess, the dough seemed under cooked, and really soft on the bottom while the top was about to burn.

I was lamenting over my failure of pizza (which does not happen very often) and trying to figure out exactly where I went wrong. As I did this I drank a cup of coffee with White chocolate caramel latte creamer and ate a yummy Mini Pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.

Finally it hit me. I am not a failure of a cook, the Mini Muffins were scrumptious even at 3 days old. I will just have to figure out where I went wrong and dust off my apron and make a better pizza next time. I have had many Successes in the Kitchen and I will not let an ok/ not my favorite pizza get me down.

As for the Coffee and Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins I am going to enjoy them and let them heal my hurts lol.


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