Virtual Money this Week

Through out the week when I have free time I work on making a few extra dollars as I can. I use Swagbucks, Fusion Cash, and Amazon Mturk. These are my current ways to earn but I have used many others in the past Including but not limited to Inbox Dollars, and Mypoints.

This week has been rather lacking in the extra money department since it was my anniversary and we have all been sick with a cold and now there seems to be a stomach virus going around. So with all that said I have not been on very much this week. Virtual Money is what I call the money I have earned that I have yet to see in my amazon account, bank account, or in my hand.


This weeks Virtual Money Totals:

Swagbucks:  $8.95
Fusion Cash: $0.76
Amazon Mturk: $0.22

Total: $9.93

Like I said I have really been slacking this week and hope to get it up higher next week. I usually try to get at least .50 a day on mturk. I know this is not tons of money, but it is made when I have free time in between cooking, cleaning, homeschooling 2 kids and chasing a toddler amongst other things. We generally use this money for gifts or diapers on amazon, or extra cash to pay bills. I was able this past week to go to target and buy a vacuum cleaner with the money I made online.

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