Today’s meals

Today for breakfast we made oatmeal with quick oats powdered creamer cinnamon sugar and diced apples and drizzled with honey. It was super yummy and pretty healthy, and the kids were excited about having it.

For lunch we had hot dogs with bread, chips, carrots, cucumbers and bananas.

I went shopping before dinner, since I was supposed to go Friday and still hadn’t gone, and picked up quite a bit of stuff. For dinner we had bacon cheese burgers. I was the only one who chose blue cheese, the others picked havarti cheese. The burgers were super yummy and they were served with chips and baked beans.

It has been a crazy week since I have been down for physical reasons and not able to do much but everyone has helped out and the house isn’t a total disaster.

I bought strawberries at the store tonight and I look forward to making strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing. I will also be baking cupcakes for my daughters birthday to take to co-op with us. I am hoping my feet will get better so I can get to baking!