Wake up challenge

I am challenging myself to start a new morning and evening routine which includes a in bed by/ wake up time. I have been reading moneysavingmom.com’s challenge to wake up! I am taking this challenge head on with a bit of hesitation but a lot of motivation.

I start school back next week and with it will come lots of extra stuff added to my schedule. I am taking 12 hours this semester which will include 3 online classes. This is on top of my already full schedule of taking care of the home an homeschooling.

My goals from last night were:
Before bed routine
15 minute cleanup
Clean kitchen sink (almost at least it was a massive improvement. Only one dish soaking!
Pjs on and teeth brushed
Plan what is for breakfast bagels and fruit
In bed by midnight I was actually in bed by 11:45!

Wake up by 8 I woke up with my alarm this morning and was out of bed by 8:20! This is really one of the biggest improvements as I have been getting up too late to mention as of late.


Good morning! And here is too a new start! Coffee in hand music on my ear I can take on this day 🙂