Reading Challenge 2012: The Host

I challenged myself to read 24 books this year and started with a list of 12 books I knew I wanted to read. I have not kept on track as much as I would like but I still have read more than normal for almost 4 months in. 

I started and finished reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer this week. The Host was published by Little, Brown and Company is an excellent Sci Fi book for those who don’t generally read Sci Fi.  The Host is set in a world that was invaded by aliens who took over the human bodies, living in them, with very few humans left that were not changed.

The story starts out when Wanderer, the soul, is inserted into her new host.  As she begins to understand her surroundings she realizes she can hear the host. Wanderer finds out that her host has information her “seeker” really wants.  As the story unfolds Wanderer realizes her host Melanie Stryder is unusually strong and actually talking to her. Wanderer slowly finds out Melanie’s story.  Melanie is reluctant to give away too much information to protect her loved ones but she wants them back so she has to try. Melanie has a brother Jamie and they met up with Jared, as far as they knew the only other human left.  Melanie and Jamie felt safe now with Jared there and they were building a life together sneaking and stealing food to survive. Melanie saw a cousin on tv, walking on the street trying to blend with all the “souls”, she knew she had to try and save her.  Melanie left Jared and Jamie to find her cousin Sharon and bring her back to live with them.

This is when Melanie got caught. Wanderer got inserted into the back of Melanie’s neck the same way as all the others and the story really begins. Wanderer feels weak hearing Melanie in her head all the time and decides she needs to do something and was considering going into a different host even though she hated the idea of being weaker than the host. She took a drive and found herself remembering Melanie’s memories of Jared and his warmth and love and touch, also Jamie and her mother instinct of her young brother she has been taking care of.  Melanie also started to trust Wanderer more and realized Wanderer loved Jared and Jamie now too.  They sought after them hoping to find them in her crazy Uncle Jebs “safe place”.

After almost dying in the desert trying to find them Wanderer and Melanie give up not being able to even move from dehydration, exhaustion, and starvation.  Wanderer wakes up to find a kind old man giving her water and then leaving and bringing back a group of people (humans) most of whom want to kill her. She winds up in a prison of some sort in Jeb’s  house in the caves.

The story gets complicated as Jeb gives the responsibility of what to do with Melanie’s body which is being occupied by Wanderer to Jared. Jeb has compassion on the alien and Jared is confused. As the months pass Wanderer is called Wanda and she is excepted more and one of the humans Ian starts to fall for her.
This book is exciting, romantic, funny, bloody, and very interesting. I really enjoyed this book. I would encourage you to read it and to think about how you might look to someone else, your actions, thoughts and morals. Are you loving, or cruel, do you think of others first, all of these things are brought up in this 59 chapter book.

I applaud Stephanie Meyer for once again writing a book that I had a hard time putting down. This wonderful author who was a stay at home mom before Twilight has really given me something to shoot for. Having passion about writing and getting things done even when life is hectic.

I am on to my next book Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul By Howard Schultz. Hopefully between all of my home projects and homeschooling my kids I will still get my 24 books read this year.

Do you think it would count if I reread the Twilight Series? lol