MTurk making money on the side

Making money on MTurk? Yes if you know what MTurk is than you might be wondering how on earth it am actually making money on there. Well honestly it’s not a ton right now but considering I am still learning the ropes and getting my qualifications up I am impressed with what I have so far.

What is MTurk?
MTurk : Mechanical Turk is a market place for work. It is run by Amazon and it allows businesses and developers to have a scale able workforce on demand.

HIT: Human Intelligence Task- These are the things the humans work on… Things computers can not do. Isn’t it nice to know we can still do something’s better than a computer 😉

If you are interested in working part time or full time. From the comfort of your home, local coffee bar, or really anywhere you could travel to that has internet access than you should look into this.
As I say this I almost cringe knowing that some may get on there and see the really cheap HITS and try a few an think there is no was I can do this. Yes there as some HITS that are a ripoff you just really have to test the waters and see what you like. My goal most of the time is to make at least .10 a minute. While that is not amazing it is something I can do from home In between homeschooling and caring for my three kids.
Last week I made $50 and this week about $30. I have not had as much time to devote to it as I started my college classes back up. Yes I am crazy and I not only homeschool my 3 kids but I am also a full time college student. So I say if I can do it most people can.
If you are looking to get started (or restarted) try out some of my favorite HITS:
KB: these are color matching ones. While it does not pay my normal .10 a minute I can do a lot of these super fast and it is great to get the numbers in so I can get better HITS later.
Tagasaurus: verify or correct image orientation – once again this is not a huge money maker but I dot think I have ever had one rejected and when there are no surveys it is another way I help boost my numbers.
Andy K: this one you will have to qualify for and there isn’t HITS available all the time but it is better money and once again great for the numbers.
After that it is mainly surveys. I try to catch 5-10 minute surveys that pay .50 to 1.00 or more. Once again this is not going to make you rich.
I know these numbers are kinda discouraging for some but trust me when I say there are a select few who can make $30-100 a day on there. It is all up to leaning the system and putting in the time and effort to get better an be consistent.
If you have a chance check out MTurk to help earn a little money on the side. Just imagine what $30 a week could help you do for Christmas or buying a new car! It is a great start 🙂