Diet Recap!

We loved being on the diet for 21 days but we were glad to get to eat somethings occasionally. We have tired to  still eat healthy with lots of fruits and veggies, but we have added in meat, dairy and grain. Although we have tried to do it in moderation.

I lost 10 lbs and my husband lost 20. SO I would say it was a success. I have had a couple of cups of coffee and I can say it is not a huge deal to me to have it. We have not been able to drink sodas other than a sip or two, it is just too strong.

I think it would be good to eat on the 21 day diet a couple of times a year to keep the cravings away and such.



21 Day Diet

On April 28th my family and I started a 21 day diet. Our hopes through this diet was not primarily weight loss, but retraining our body to enjoy a healthier variety of food. Going into this diet we struggled with our sugar, fat, and caffeine intake. The 21 Day diet has two phases to it:

Days 1-10 you eat only fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, and herbal tea

Days 11-21 you eat the same but add white meat and Fish

Going into the diet I drank 2-5 cups of coffee with half and half and sugar a day, We ate bread at almost every meal, and had dairy and or meat at every meal.  I prepared myself by weaning off of the coffee a couple of days before.

I went through the house the night before the diet and threw out or hid everything that was not on our diet. I think this was one of the best feelings. The diet has been hard at times, I wont lie, but it has also made me feel free.  I have wanted coffee, bread and dairy but the cravings were not too hard to handle. The amount of food we have been eating has gone down quite a bit as well.

We also found a few places to eat around here that were on our diet as well. Spiral Diner in Oak Cliff and Loving Hut in Arlington. Both of these restaurants are vegan and also offer some gluten free items as well.

Since beginning the diet I lost 7 lbs and I am able to pass up loads of food with no problem.

I am looking forward to adding more foods and enjoying the occasional cup of coffee, but I really want to create an intentional healthy lifestyle.