Plexus Slim

I have been hearing amazing results from my friend about Plexus Slim. I feel so much better after the 21 day diet but I still have quite a bit more to lose, so I though I would give this a try.

Plexus Slim is supposed to help me lose weight (fat not muscle) and eat less, crave less, and stabilize blood sugar and help with headaches.  There are so many benefits that I thought it would not hurt to try it.

Today is Day One and I hope to update you every day as I progress through this month. Here is where I am about to get real with you. I have struggled with my weight ever since I could remember, but as I grew older I realized I should not be so obsessed about it but if I can make a change I should. So here I am making a change! My current weight this morning was 155 and my goal final goal is around 130.  I know that is a lot so I have broken down my goals into smaller bites. I would love to lose 2-3 lbs this week so by June 13th I hope to weight 152 or so.

I am going to also be taking measurements to track my progress and see where or if it is working.

Day One

Woke up weighed myself took pictures and measurements and had breakfast.

Here are the pics and measurements:


Chest: 38
Waist: 32
Thigh: 24
Hip: 42

These are not pictures or numbers I am proud of but this is where I am starting and I was told to put on tight clothes for the pictures So I put on pants a size too small for me that I don’t currently wear but would love to!

I made up my pink drink and drank that along with the accelerator+ and had that about 20 minutes after breakfast. SO far today I have had more energy and I have also drank 4 bottles of water and it isn’t even dinner time yet. That right there is HUGE, I usually do not get thirsty and have to remind myself to drink.
I did not notice much change in my cravings or appetite. But I have changed my eating so much that it may not affect me right away. Also I am sure it will take a little time to get started.

I am looking forward to this journey and trying this product. I do not expect it to do everything for me but if it can help me even a little it would be worth it. If the energy keeps up that would be a great treat, Here is to the rest of the day!

Do something today that will help your future.


Diet Recap!

We loved being on the diet for 21 days but we were glad to get to eat somethings occasionally. We have tired to  still eat healthy with lots of fruits and veggies, but we have added in meat, dairy and grain. Although we have tried to do it in moderation.

I lost 10 lbs and my husband lost 20. SO I would say it was a success. I have had a couple of cups of coffee and I can say it is not a huge deal to me to have it. We have not been able to drink sodas other than a sip or two, it is just too strong.

I think it would be good to eat on the 21 day diet a couple of times a year to keep the cravings away and such.


21 Day Diet

On April 28th my family and I started a 21 day diet. Our hopes through this diet was not primarily weight loss, but retraining our body to enjoy a healthier variety of food. Going into this diet we struggled with our sugar, fat, and caffeine intake. The 21 Day diet has two phases to it:

Days 1-10 you eat only fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, and herbal tea

Days 11-21 you eat the same but add white meat and Fish

Going into the diet I drank 2-5 cups of coffee with half and half and sugar a day, We ate bread at almost every meal, and had dairy and or meat at every meal.  I prepared myself by weaning off of the coffee a couple of days before.

I went through the house the night before the diet and threw out or hid everything that was not on our diet. I think this was one of the best feelings. The diet has been hard at times, I wont lie, but it has also made me feel free.  I have wanted coffee, bread and dairy but the cravings were not too hard to handle. The amount of food we have been eating has gone down quite a bit as well.

We also found a few places to eat around here that were on our diet as well. Spiral Diner in Oak Cliff and Loving Hut in Arlington. Both of these restaurants are vegan and also offer some gluten free items as well.

Since beginning the diet I lost 7 lbs and I am able to pass up loads of food with no problem.

I am looking forward to adding more foods and enjoying the occasional cup of coffee, but I really want to create an intentional healthy lifestyle.

MTurk making money on the side

Making money on MTurk? Yes if you know what MTurk is than you might be wondering how on earth it am actually making money on there. Well honestly it’s not a ton right now but considering I am still learning the ropes and getting my qualifications up I am impressed with what I have so far.

What is MTurk?
MTurk : Mechanical Turk is a market place for work. It is run by Amazon and it allows businesses and developers to have a scale able workforce on demand.

HIT: Human Intelligence Task- These are the things the humans work on… Things computers can not do. Isn’t it nice to know we can still do something’s better than a computer 😉

If you are interested in working part time or full time. From the comfort of your home, local coffee bar, or really anywhere you could travel to that has internet access than you should look into this.
As I say this I almost cringe knowing that some may get on there and see the really cheap HITS and try a few an think there is no was I can do this. Yes there as some HITS that are a ripoff you just really have to test the waters and see what you like. My goal most of the time is to make at least .10 a minute. While that is not amazing it is something I can do from home In between homeschooling and caring for my three kids.
Last week I made $50 and this week about $30. I have not had as much time to devote to it as I started my college classes back up. Yes I am crazy and I not only homeschool my 3 kids but I am also a full time college student. So I say if I can do it most people can.
If you are looking to get started (or restarted) try out some of my favorite HITS:
KB: these are color matching ones. While it does not pay my normal .10 a minute I can do a lot of these super fast and it is great to get the numbers in so I can get better HITS later.
Tagasaurus: verify or correct image orientation – once again this is not a huge money maker but I dot think I have ever had one rejected and when there are no surveys it is another way I help boost my numbers.
Andy K: this one you will have to qualify for and there isn’t HITS available all the time but it is better money and once again great for the numbers.
After that it is mainly surveys. I try to catch 5-10 minute surveys that pay .50 to 1.00 or more. Once again this is not going to make you rich.
I know these numbers are kinda discouraging for some but trust me when I say there are a select few who can make $30-100 a day on there. It is all up to leaning the system and putting in the time and effort to get better an be consistent.
If you have a chance check out MTurk to help earn a little money on the side. Just imagine what $30 a week could help you do for Christmas or buying a new car! It is a great start 🙂

Reading Challenge 2012: The Host

I challenged myself to read 24 books this year and started with a list of 12 books I knew I wanted to read. I have not kept on track as much as I would like but I still have read more than normal for almost 4 months in. 

I started and finished reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer this week. The Host was published by Little, Brown and Company is an excellent Sci Fi book for those who don’t generally read Sci Fi.  The Host is set in a world that was invaded by aliens who took over the human bodies, living in them, with very few humans left that were not changed.

The story starts out when Wanderer, the soul, is inserted into her new host.  As she begins to understand her surroundings she realizes she can hear the host. Wanderer finds out that her host has information her “seeker” really wants.  As the story unfolds Wanderer realizes her host Melanie Stryder is unusually strong and actually talking to her. Wanderer slowly finds out Melanie’s story.  Melanie is reluctant to give away too much information to protect her loved ones but she wants them back so she has to try. Melanie has a brother Jamie and they met up with Jared, as far as they knew the only other human left.  Melanie and Jamie felt safe now with Jared there and they were building a life together sneaking and stealing food to survive. Melanie saw a cousin on tv, walking on the street trying to blend with all the “souls”, she knew she had to try and save her.  Melanie left Jared and Jamie to find her cousin Sharon and bring her back to live with them.

This is when Melanie got caught. Wanderer got inserted into the back of Melanie’s neck the same way as all the others and the story really begins. Wanderer feels weak hearing Melanie in her head all the time and decides she needs to do something and was considering going into a different host even though she hated the idea of being weaker than the host. She took a drive and found herself remembering Melanie’s memories of Jared and his warmth and love and touch, also Jamie and her mother instinct of her young brother she has been taking care of.  Melanie also started to trust Wanderer more and realized Wanderer loved Jared and Jamie now too.  They sought after them hoping to find them in her crazy Uncle Jebs “safe place”.

After almost dying in the desert trying to find them Wanderer and Melanie give up not being able to even move from dehydration, exhaustion, and starvation.  Wanderer wakes up to find a kind old man giving her water and then leaving and bringing back a group of people (humans) most of whom want to kill her. She winds up in a prison of some sort in Jeb’s  house in the caves.

The story gets complicated as Jeb gives the responsibility of what to do with Melanie’s body which is being occupied by Wanderer to Jared. Jeb has compassion on the alien and Jared is confused. As the months pass Wanderer is called Wanda and she is excepted more and one of the humans Ian starts to fall for her.
This book is exciting, romantic, funny, bloody, and very interesting. I really enjoyed this book. I would encourage you to read it and to think about how you might look to someone else, your actions, thoughts and morals. Are you loving, or cruel, do you think of others first, all of these things are brought up in this 59 chapter book.

I applaud Stephanie Meyer for once again writing a book that I had a hard time putting down. This wonderful author who was a stay at home mom before Twilight has really given me something to shoot for. Having passion about writing and getting things done even when life is hectic.

I am on to my next book Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul By Howard Schultz. Hopefully between all of my home projects and homeschooling my kids I will still get my 24 books read this year.

Do you think it would count if I reread the Twilight Series? lol

Wake up challenge

I am challenging myself to start a new morning and evening routine which includes a in bed by/ wake up time. I have been reading’s challenge to wake up! I am taking this challenge head on with a bit of hesitation but a lot of motivation.

I start school back next week and with it will come lots of extra stuff added to my schedule. I am taking 12 hours this semester which will include 3 online classes. This is on top of my already full schedule of taking care of the home an homeschooling.

My goals from last night were:
Before bed routine
15 minute cleanup
Clean kitchen sink (almost at least it was a massive improvement. Only one dish soaking!
Pjs on and teeth brushed
Plan what is for breakfast bagels and fruit
In bed by midnight I was actually in bed by 11:45!

Wake up by 8 I woke up with my alarm this morning and was out of bed by 8:20! This is really one of the biggest improvements as I have been getting up too late to mention as of late.


Good morning! And here is too a new start! Coffee in hand music on my ear I can take on this day 🙂

Homemade Chicken noodle soup

For lunch today we had homemade chicken noodle soup. After making 2 batches of chicken stock from a Crockpot whole chicken I needed to use up some of that wonderful healthy stock.  Last night we had company over and I made way too many noodles so I threw those in at the end to warm them up.


So I used about:
6 cups or broth
1 chicken breast
1/2 onion diced
1 carrot
1 stick of celery
And the left over pasta
Garlic and salt and pepper


We served it with garlic cheddar biscuits made out if Bisquick.